Back to Press Releases 15 JULY 2022

Lommel SK unveils the new club badge

Lommel SK is proud to unveil its new club badge.

The brand-new badge contains important and recognizable elements that characterize both the club's history and the City of Lommel. The new club logo should both acknowledge the past and embrace the future. Lommel SK is also bringing back its original 'stamnummer' '1986' to complete the circle.

Earlier this year, the club held talks with the different supporters' groups. The talks reveal a great demand from the fans for the development of a new badge. With unanimity within  LSK FanConnect, the club agreed to start the process, in line with the unique projects that the club is setting up in light of its 90th anniversary.

The renewed badge should prepare Lommel SK for the future with the necessary recognition of the club's history.