“SafeAtCity” is the name given to the safeguarding programme operating across the City Football Group (CFG) and associated activities.

This programme, which works through a standardised framework (outlined below), is supported by a team of experienced safeguarding practitioners and is implemented across our football-related businesses.

SafeAtCity aims to develop, implement, and embed a series of localised strategies and tactical processes in order to help promote and protect the rights and well-being of any children and and other vulnerable people who come into contact with our activities. Good safeguarding practice:

  • promotes safe and respectful environments;
  • prevents harm, or risk of harm, caused by abuse, harassment, neglect or issues relation to emotional well-being and mental health;
  • prevents the impairment of growth and helps enable participants to develop and optimise their life chances;
  • promotes awareness of safeguarding and the related working practices across our workforce; and
  • enables appropriate responses to any safeguarding concerns that may arise through our operations.

The 6 C’s – Our Safeguarding Delivery Model

CFG has developed an operational framework for its safeguarding programme. This is known internally as ‘The 6’Cs’ and refers to six elements that make up the framework:

"Culture, Compliance, Checks, Courses, Conduct and Concerns."

This framework provides a simplified representation of what operational safeguarding practices look like at operational level. It demonstrates how an organisation's workforce must work together to keep children, and other vulnerable people, safe.