The CFG Safeguarding Strategy identifies the need to develop and maintain a robust Safeguarding Policy that informs practice across the whole Group and commits each club and business operation in the CFG portfolio to develop their own safeguarding policy to align with the global policy.

The CFG Safeguarding Policy details our global mandatory requirements and operational safeguarding practice that must be provided in each of our clubs and other commercial or charitable operations. They will develop their own local policies and practice that incorporate the CFG requirements as well as recognising and applying local law, regulations and expected practice.

Each policy must be made available to all staff and participants and as a minimum through each organisation's website and where practical, accessible and condensed versions should be made available.

In the absence of a locally developed policy the CFG policy will apply by default. Clubs or business operations where CFG holds a minority shareholding are encouraged to apply these requirements.

The current CFG policy can be requested through [email protected].