Our safeguarding strategy has been developed to guide the development of appropriate safeguarding programmes within those organisations in which CFG holds a shareholding.

The development of localised safeguarding programmes across our portfolio is a key priority for the Group and we recognise that each country, football federation, individual club or programme partner are at different levels of maturity with their approach to safeguarding.

However, our ten strategic safeguarding priorities remain the same, wherever we operate across the world, and are outlined below.

  1. Strengthen safeguarding leadership and governance.
  2. Enhance the communication of our safeguarding programmes to our stakeholders and how we listen to their wants and needs.
  3. Develop and continuously review, safe recruitment, on-boarding and supervision of workers.
  4. Develop industry-leading safeguarding education programmes.
  5. Reflect and respond on diversity and inclusion in and through our safeguarding framework.
  6. Develop preventative practice requirements and guidance.
  7. Develop or enhance organisational protection protocols and responses to concerns, complaints and incidents.
  8. Implement safeguarding requirements into partnerships and related projects.
  9. Enhance our data management systems and ensure wider regulatory data and privacy compliance.
  10. Reflect on practice and continuous improvement.